Discover Sivota

If, while dreaming about your vacations, you would like:

- A wonderful place with verdurous islands (of a unique natural beauty) which have been respected by the people throughout the centuries and have never been touched by them.

- A place with lots of sandy seasides, both small and isolated, if that is what you wish.

- Beaches you can reach by car or by boat; some with shallow waters, ideal for small children, and others with deep ones, for those who desire the excitement and the risks of the sea,

but, above all,

- seasides with crystal-clear waters,

Then, come to Sivota .

You may find here everything you have dreamt of and desired !!!

Its very easy to find Sivota.
The village is situated in the southern coast of the county of Thesprotia, 20 km far from Igoumenitsa, following the coastal road to Parga.

Just opposite Sivota, there is Corfu and the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi.

The verdurous islands scattering around the area, with crystal-clear waters and wonderful beaches, seem to be an extention of the equally wonderful mainland .

Here the nature unfolds its unlimited beauties and the tranquil and clear waters of the Ionian Sea are waiting for you to admire them and enjoy the most unforgettable, relaxing vacations.

Sivota have taken their contemporary name after the 2nd World War and they are known for the Battle of Sivota, between the people of Corfu and the Corinthians in 433 B.C.

What make the village be unique are the four verdurous islands as well as the numerous little bays, which exist around them.
The combination of the green nature, full of various trees on the surrounding hills, and the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea make an harmonic ensemble offering an inexpressible beauty. Seldom has nature endolled so much beauty to one only area!

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